They just recently opened a store called Typo at Stonestown in San Francisco.  Given my natural draw to stationary and office supplies, I was excited to see this store.  They have such cute notebooks, journals, office supplies, washi tapes, stamps, and stationaries.  I believe they are an Australian brand associated with another clothing store I like, called Cotton-On.  I am very appealed to the aesthetics of this store and wanted to buy everything!  Unfortunately, the stuff is on the pricier side.  A girl can still dream though!  Here’s a few items in the store I was drawn to:

Yes, this is definitely my store — They have a Bunny Kit!!! Now, what is a bunny kit???  I have no idea.  It was so cute though!  Look at my ecstatic expression.  I am a sucker for anything that has cute bunny and/or is bunny themed.


Artsy prints + disposable cameras.  Enjoyed the photographic, colorful prints on canvas.  The canvas gives it an artsy feel in spite of its mass production.  Love it!


Just a snippet of the many notebook and journal designs.  I would totally buy these if I was still in school.  Otherwise, I have no use for them really.


I am happy they opened this store at Stonestown.  I will make sure to pay a visit every time I make my way to that mall.  The mall now has two must go-to stops: Yesstyle + Typo ❤

LA Haul

So as you can see, I am catching up on my posts.  This should have been posted in July of 2011.  When I went to LA, I had this mission of finding all the stores where they sold cute things.  I would type kawaii or cute store or tokyo stores into my yelp app on my phone to try and see where to shop.  To my luck, I found quite a few stores that fit what I was looking for.  Here is a haul of stuff I bought when I was in LA.  Most of these items were purchased from a store called “Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle” http://www.tokyojlsusa.com/#/home/  I was so excited to find this store because we didn’t have this in the bay area at the time.  Shortly after, I found out they opened a branch at Valley Fair in San Jose! Love the store… and here are some items I purchased:

Featured in the photo: Tea set, three mechanical pencils/pen, lead pencil holder, stamp that says good job w/ a cute bunny on it, mamegoma notebook, and Domo Kun planner.

Found Etsy Shop Review #1: Kawaiigoodies.com


I love etsy.  But the thing I hate about etsy is there is SO much to weed through.  Lots of great things, but also things that are not my taste.  I decided to start doing shop find posts since this is the only way that I can find anything I like on etsy — if i find a link from someone else’s blog.  Today, I want to share this find: kawaii goodies.  When I think of Kawaii, I think of the smiley faced random CUTE animals/objects.  But kawaii is also just anything cute.  and this etsy shop has a lot of cute packaging items, washi tapes, stickers, stamps etc. and all w/ very low, sometimes free shipping cost.  I love cute packaging.  There is something about a nicely packaged gift that makes me smile.  It shows care and attention.  Time and effort.  But also love and appreciation.  and best of all, it can make any cheap gift seem expensive. haha.  Everyone who will get a gift from me in the near future… expect pretty packaging that make u not want to open it 🙂

Check out some of the items I plan to buy eventually: