Etsy Find #7 – Doble Ele

Hello Bunnies!  For my Etsy Find #7, I am posting about a recent washi tape purchase I made at Doble Ele.   I purchased the 5 random washi tape pack, 2 washi tapes in rainbow polka dots and starburst patterns, and 1 pack of bakers twine.  I bought all of this with a good cheer deal from oh, hello friend.  I just received the package yesterday, and I have to say I am quite pleased with what I received and how she handled her business transactions.  She was very quick about sending the items and although it came from Hong Kong, I received the items in a timely fashion because of her quick communication and fast shipping.

What I bought:


Decided to use the washi tapes on my container to see how they look.  Although they were random, I was happy with the patterns she sent me!


My Washi Tape/Packaging supply collection.  It’s growing slowly!


Etsy Find Post #6 – Bellamela

hello bunnies!

Today, I am posting about a recent purchase I made on Etsy from Bellamela’s shop.  Since I just recently purchased a macbook pro, I needed a nice laptop sleeve.  Searched through Etsy, and found the cutest sleeves ever!  Check it out here.  Although, she is on vacation right now, so you will need to wait to see the products… But here is a sneak peak of the laptop case.  It’s so cute and I love the way it fits so perfectly on my laptop.  Price is excellent too! Only 19.99!



Etsy Shop Find Post #3: Parcel & Paper Shop

Hello everyone, so today’s etsy shop find is Parcel and Paper Shop:

I am really in to packaging even though I don’t spend enough time doing it.  I plan on expanding my horizon w/ packaging though because who doesn’t like getting perfectly wrapped gifts that you just don’t want to open??? It makes the gift extra special.  It makes you want to take a photo of it packaged and then carefully open as not to tear the wrapping or ruin the box.  Anyway, I just found this shop that has the type of pieces that would go into the type of packaging that fits my own aesthetic.  Parcel & Paper shop has tags, twines, twisties, craft bags, boxes, kits and more that make for gorgeously and carefully packaged gifts.  I love it!  Here are some items that I would love to have:

I love simple tags like this.  Would be very nice to use with a custom stamp or print.

I would LOVE to have this kit.

Etsy Shop Review #2: SouZou Creations

I am absolutely amazed by the care and imaginativeness that goes into hand crafting these lovely accessories.  They’re unique, well at least they would be in America, not sure how they faire in Japan.  I would love to have a cute bowl of ramen sitting on my finger or a japanese green tea set to fancy my fingers and add some color! Very cute stuff.  Check it out.

Found Etsy Shop Review #1:

I love etsy.  But the thing I hate about etsy is there is SO much to weed through.  Lots of great things, but also things that are not my taste.  I decided to start doing shop find posts since this is the only way that I can find anything I like on etsy — if i find a link from someone else’s blog.  Today, I want to share this find: kawaii goodies.  When I think of Kawaii, I think of the smiley faced random CUTE animals/objects.  But kawaii is also just anything cute.  and this etsy shop has a lot of cute packaging items, washi tapes, stickers, stamps etc. and all w/ very low, sometimes free shipping cost.  I love cute packaging.  There is something about a nicely packaged gift that makes me smile.  It shows care and attention.  Time and effort.  But also love and appreciation.  and best of all, it can make any cheap gift seem expensive. haha.  Everyone who will get a gift from me in the near future… expect pretty packaging that make u not want to open it 🙂

Check out some of the items I plan to buy eventually: