Handmade Gift Basket Idea

Lately, I’ve been in to making handmade gifts for friends.  It’s so much fun to put together, plus it gives me a chance to attend to the packaging aesthetics.  This was a gift I put together for Christmas, but it could be for any day of the year.  This package has a homemade sugar scrub, green tea facial mask, and a bar of soap.  Click here for the homemade sugar scrub tutorial, and the green tea facial mask tutorial.  I love how both feel and the effect it has on my skin.  It always feels more clear and bright after these treatments.

To both recipes, I added vitamin E oil for more moisturizing value, as well as skin damage renewal.

In the photo, I got the basket and jars from Daiso.  I got the filler from the dollar store.  The packaging consists of simple stamps, tissue paper, and card stock.  And the actual products inside were basic household products.  This is the other great aspect of homemade gifts — you can make a lot for all your friends without going over your budget.  It’s the effort and love that you put in rather than the cost!

Tea & Cute Mugs

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and now that I’m on spring break and have the actual time to invest in this a little bit, I feel motivated to try again.  Especially now that I’ve figured out a cute header to put on this blog… For a while I couldn’t figure out what to do about that and it was making me unmotivated to post.  I’ve also been unclear about my focus and purpose with this blog.. but more and more I am finding that it will be about my cute & yummy finds, and crafting endeavors.  So disregard the random old posts from before and look forward to my posts going forward!

 So in honor of my first post back, I have posted a photo of my desk and what’s on it.  My desk is where I craft. It’s where I write lesson plans.  And it’s where I spend hours on pinterest and sifting through blogs.  I just recently got this really cute mug from Daiso.  I don’t know about you, but I find that having tea in a cute mug somehow makes the day a little bit brighter.