Business Card

Summer Vacation is a few hours away and what do I plan to do this summer?

Craft!  I want to make hellobunnies a small little brand of its own so in honor of that, I made a sample business card.  I am going to try different types, but here is my first mockup.  I will try to make other types as well.  This one doesn’t look very business card-ish, but I thought the handmade touch gave it a nice little crafty feel to it.

That is after I pass a test and also reorganize and clean my house.


I’ve had an intense year as I’ve been easing into my career as a teacher.  This past year, I’ve held 2 jobs.  One as a sub, and another as an after school program leader.  In addition, I give whatever remaining energy I have to volunteer teaching and coordinating in another community based organization.  It can pretty much be considered another full-time job if you count how long I work and the effort I put into it.

So, It’s been a tough and extremely busy year, but I made it through and my fifth graders are graduating on Thursday! I am so proud of them and will probably be in tears as some of them were my very first students ever 3 years ago.  It’s been extremely tough balancing everything I’ve had to do, but it’s been an amazing experience that I would not trade for anything in the world.  I love teaching, and I hope to have my own classroom soon.

With such a busy schedule, I have always had to eat on the go.  Today was one of the first times in a while that I actually got to take the time and enjoy my breakfast.  Naturally, I felt the need to commemorate and live in this moment by taking a photo.  I had a simple toast and jam along with a pot of tea.  It felt nice.  A nice taste and preview of the summer vacation.  Now I truly understand why teachers need the 3 months off!  It is exhausting working with kids all day!


Live in the moment and be grateful for the calmness and simplicity that life can bring.  I need to savor and value breakfast more often.

Winning Contests

A few weeks ago, I won a giveaway contest from conscious collection!  I was so happy and excited since I am the optimistic type and tend to enter contests whenever I see them – especially blog giveaway contests.  Today, I was excited to see that I received my package from conscious collection.  Her blog is filled w/ inspiration and crafting endeavors.  She also has an etsy shop w/ cute washi tape designs, zines, and other packaging items.  I love the designs in her shop, so make sure to stop by foraged and found by memtree.

I love getting packages in the mail and am in the process of doing swaps.  I just made a random package for a friend who will be getting it in the mail soon – I plan to blog about it after she receives it.  Here’s what I got from memtree from the giveaway:

I got zines, a cd, random paper ephemera, stickers, and a roll of washi tape.  I cannot wait to use these items for my packages – it was such a cute assortment!  I also enjoyed the zines – one of which contains random acts of kindness inspiration.  Love it, and feel like doing some random acts of kindness myself.  So thank you memtree for this lovely package!

Japanese Adventures

Yesterday, I made my way down to South Bay to see a friend.  We went to Strawberry Field plaza.  This plaza has been renovated since the last I’ve been – when I used to live in the san jose area.  I was happy to see the plaza growing with new businesses!  Saw and enjoyed a lot of the cute stuff and foods.  I got lots of inspiration from skimming through the craft and packaging books.  Here are a few finds:

Meiji Candy Box pencil case holder from Kinokuniya:  As you know, Meiji is one of my favorite Japanese snacks!


Of course, can’t go w/o a look at the new washi tape selection.  I particularly like the Eiffel tower pattern at the bottom left corner. Very cute.

My friend introduced me to mochi cream, which was absolutely delicious! I had the white chocolate mochi and it was so good – there were actual white chocolate pieces in the mochi.




Very nicely priced japanese food in the mitsuwa food court.  Only $6 for a curry and ramen set.


Stopped by the Clover cafe which had very unique desserts and buns.  They also sell Japanese pasta and hamburg on the menu.  Looked tasty!  We bought an okonomiyaki and yakisoba bun, which were both very good.


And of course, I can’t help but go crazy over cute pictures that remind me of my bunny.


Yakini Q Cafe – SF Cute Cafe

I’ve mentioned before that I love going into a place based on aesthetics.  Naturally, I walked passed this cafe in Japantown and had to go in.  This cafe has a comfortable and homey feel.  They have a range of European and Asian desserts.  They have games on the book shelves for customers to play while enjoying a coffee or dessert.  Today, the husband and I ordered a pot of tea flower.  This is the first time I’ve tried this and fell absolutely in love with it.  The tea starts as a ball that blooms into a flower when steeped with hot water. It has a jasmine taste to it.

Tea for Two:


Looks like someone’s living room.  Very comfortable setting.  The husband and I played a game of chess while enjoying our pot of tea.


Tea flower blooms!


Happy Mom Day

Hello Bunnies! Happy Mother’s Day.  I decided to make a card using washi tapes and stamps since my collection is growing.  Besides, what’s better than a handmade card?  I feel like I never want to purchase a card ever again unless I am in a hurry.  I should probably start creating a generic stack of cards to be on hand whenever it’s someone’s birthday or wedding or baby shower.  Perhaps that is my next project endeavor.  I also want to start making envelopes.  Anyhow, here are the results of my project.  I will probably throw in fresh flowers to go with it.


Happy Mother’s Day Bunnies.  I hope you were able to enjoy a lovely day and appreciate your mothers.