Etsy Post #8: Donda Lee’s

Hello Bunnies!

For Etsy find #8, I stumbled upon Donda Lee’s shop.  I was excited to see a vintage feel to her accessories.  She sells the prettiest rings, bracelets, and necklaces.  She also has a cute range of stationary.  And best of all, she packages her items with care.  I give extra props to etsy shop owners who actually use one of their photos to feature how one should expect to receive it in the mail.

This Paris charm bracelet stuck out to me.  I don’t normally wear bracelets, but this one is cute, with the colors and parisian charms.

II absolutely love this ring.  The color combination is perfect w/ the pastel green band and the earthy tones of the flowers.  I love that it’s set in the gold  backing as well.  I just love everything about this ring!

As you can tell from my packages, I tend to enjoy using keys to add an extra pop of life to a gift.  I have an affinity for old/vintage keys look in general, so naturally, I would be gravitated toward this necklace.

Donda Lee has such pretty accessories and stationaries!  The vintage look is so pretty and if anyone has any recommendations for similar accessory shops, please comment to let me know.

Etsy Find #7 – Doble Ele

Hello Bunnies!  For my Etsy Find #7, I am posting about a recent washi tape purchase I made at Doble Ele.   I purchased the 5 random washi tape pack, 2 washi tapes in rainbow polka dots and starburst patterns, and 1 pack of bakers twine.  I bought all of this with a good cheer deal from oh, hello friend.  I just received the package yesterday, and I have to say I am quite pleased with what I received and how she handled her business transactions.  She was very quick about sending the items and although it came from Hong Kong, I received the items in a timely fashion because of her quick communication and fast shipping.

What I bought:


Decided to use the washi tapes on my container to see how they look.  Although they were random, I was happy with the patterns she sent me!


My Washi Tape/Packaging supply collection.  It’s growing slowly!


Etsy Find Post #6 – Bellamela

hello bunnies!

Today, I am posting about a recent purchase I made on Etsy from Bellamela’s shop.  Since I just recently purchased a macbook pro, I needed a nice laptop sleeve.  Searched through Etsy, and found the cutest sleeves ever!  Check it out here.  Although, she is on vacation right now, so you will need to wait to see the products… But here is a sneak peak of the laptop case.  It’s so cute and I love the way it fits so perfectly on my laptop.  Price is excellent too! Only 19.99!



Handmade Gift Basket Idea

Lately, I’ve been in to making handmade gifts for friends.  It’s so much fun to put together, plus it gives me a chance to attend to the packaging aesthetics.  This was a gift I put together for Christmas, but it could be for any day of the year.  This package has a homemade sugar scrub, green tea facial mask, and a bar of soap.  Click here for the homemade sugar scrub tutorial, and the green tea facial mask tutorial.  I love how both feel and the effect it has on my skin.  It always feels more clear and bright after these treatments.

To both recipes, I added vitamin E oil for more moisturizing value, as well as skin damage renewal.

In the photo, I got the basket and jars from Daiso.  I got the filler from the dollar store.  The packaging consists of simple stamps, tissue paper, and card stock.  And the actual products inside were basic household products.  This is the other great aspect of homemade gifts — you can make a lot for all your friends without going over your budget.  It’s the effort and love that you put in rather than the cost!

Journal Transformation

I’ve had this pink journal that was purchased on clearance from borders for quite some time.  I’ve never had the urge to use it because it was so plain.  Hence, my decision to dress it up.  With some wash tapes and paper, I’ve transformed this plain pink journal!  Am excited to use this now.  See how much aesthetics affect me?

Before: Empty Journal getting ready to be decorated with rilakkuma stickers & washi tapes!


During: Bunny decided to join in on the crafting!


After: Finished Product! I ended up not using the rilakkuma stickers because it didn’t seem to fit.  But I plan to decorate the back cover accordingly.


DIY origami paper projects


I love origami papers.  I bought a few stacks from Daiso so that I could make some decorative items for the house.  The first is this origami paper lantern lights project.  I got the idea from my martha stewart craft book that a good friend of mine got me for my birthday.  Basically, you create the ‘water balloon’ out of the origami paper and then attach them to the bulbs of some christmas lights to create little lanterns. They’re so pretty and colorful. I had a fun time making them.  Check out this youtube video for a tutorial on how to make the water balloon origami:




The next project are these DIY candle holders.  I got the idea from my pinterest because a lot of people were posting projects of candle holders where they used random papers like pages from a book or a map to cover a mason jar.  Check it out here.

For mine, I used origami paper and punched cherry blossom shapes through the paper so that it would cast some light through the shape.  Very pretty effect:



Handmade “notes”

few weeks ago, I had to say goodbye to a dear friend of mine.  Since she was leaving, I felt compelled to make her a little something to remember the good days we all got to share with one another.  I was actually inspired a lot by another blogger, othellofriend.  Check out her hand made notes here:

So I took this idea and created my own little hand made notes that had cute little messages around it.  I made a little pocket folder to hold photos & notes/messages that I collected from all our friends.  Here was the end result:

Etsy Shop Review #2: SouZou Creations

I am absolutely amazed by the care and imaginativeness that goes into hand crafting these lovely accessories.  They’re unique, well at least they would be in America, not sure how they faire in Japan.  I would love to have a cute bowl of ramen sitting on my finger or a japanese green tea set to fancy my fingers and add some color! Very cute stuff.  Check it out.