Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park

One of my favorite places in San Francisco is the tea garden at Golden Gate Park.  I love coming here on Mon, Wed, or Fri mornings I have off (e.g. presidents day or MLK day) when admission is free.  It’s just so relaxing and peaceful.  Plus, I am a huge tea drinker.  I love love LOVE tea… am addicted. drink it every day!



DIY origami paper projects


I love origami papers.  I bought a few stacks from Daiso so that I could make some decorative items for the house.  The first is this origami paper lantern lights project.  I got the idea from my martha stewart craft book that a good friend of mine got me for my birthday.  Basically, you create the ‘water balloon’ out of the origami paper and then attach them to the bulbs of some christmas lights to create little lanterns. They’re so pretty and colorful. I had a fun time making them.  Check out this youtube video for a tutorial on how to make the water balloon origami:




The next project are these DIY candle holders.  I got the idea from my pinterest because a lot of people were posting projects of candle holders where they used random papers like pages from a book or a map to cover a mason jar.  Check it out here.

For mine, I used origami paper and punched cherry blossom shapes through the paper so that it would cast some light through the shape.  Very pretty effect:



Cute android picture app

I have been waitimg for a pika pika type photo app and i finally found something really cute! download decopic frm the android store. Check out the photo below:


Hehe, get it? Eay. Pray. Love. Lol. After creating this photo, i looked at it and realized that they have a poo shape w a smiley face. Lol, of course only pple like me would find that cute and not a little wierd.

LA Haul

So as you can see, I am catching up on my posts.  This should have been posted in July of 2011.  When I went to LA, I had this mission of finding all the stores where they sold cute things.  I would type kawaii or cute store or tokyo stores into my yelp app on my phone to try and see where to shop.  To my luck, I found quite a few stores that fit what I was looking for.  Here is a haul of stuff I bought when I was in LA.  Most of these items were purchased from a store called “Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle” http://www.tokyojlsusa.com/#/home/  I was so excited to find this store because we didn’t have this in the bay area at the time.  Shortly after, I found out they opened a branch at Valley Fair in San Jose! Love the store… and here are some items I purchased:

Featured in the photo: Tea set, three mechanical pencils/pen, lead pencil holder, stamp that says good job w/ a cute bunny on it, mamegoma notebook, and Domo Kun planner.

Handmade “notes”

few weeks ago, I had to say goodbye to a dear friend of mine.  Since she was leaving, I felt compelled to make her a little something to remember the good days we all got to share with one another.  I was actually inspired a lot by another blogger, othellofriend.  Check out her hand made notes here: http://www.ohhellofriendblog.com/2011/12/notes-for-mac.html

So I took this idea and created my own little hand made notes that had cute little messages around it.  I made a little pocket folder to hold photos & notes/messages that I collected from all our friends.  Here was the end result:

Tea & Cute Mugs

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and now that I’m on spring break and have the actual time to invest in this a little bit, I feel motivated to try again.  Especially now that I’ve figured out a cute header to put on this blog… For a while I couldn’t figure out what to do about that and it was making me unmotivated to post.  I’ve also been unclear about my focus and purpose with this blog.. but more and more I am finding that it will be about my cute & yummy finds, and crafting endeavors.  So disregard the random old posts from before and look forward to my posts going forward!

 So in honor of my first post back, I have posted a photo of my desk and what’s on it.  My desk is where I craft. It’s where I write lesson plans.  And it’s where I spend hours on pinterest and sifting through blogs.  I just recently got this really cute mug from Daiso.  I don’t know about you, but I find that having tea in a cute mug somehow makes the day a little bit brighter.  


Etsy Shop Find Post #3: Parcel & Paper Shop

Hello everyone, so today’s etsy shop find is Parcel and Paper Shop:


I am really in to packaging even though I don’t spend enough time doing it.  I plan on expanding my horizon w/ packaging though because who doesn’t like getting perfectly wrapped gifts that you just don’t want to open??? It makes the gift extra special.  It makes you want to take a photo of it packaged and then carefully open as not to tear the wrapping or ruin the box.  Anyway, I just found this shop that has the type of pieces that would go into the type of packaging that fits my own aesthetic.  Parcel & Paper shop has tags, twines, twisties, craft bags, boxes, kits and more that make for gorgeously and carefully packaged gifts.  I love it!  Here are some items that I would love to have:

I love simple tags like this.  Would be very nice to use with a custom stamp or print.

I would LOVE to have this kit.

Etsy Shop Review #2: SouZou Creations


I am absolutely amazed by the care and imaginativeness that goes into hand crafting these lovely accessories.  They’re unique, well at least they would be in America, not sure how they faire in Japan.  I would love to have a cute bowl of ramen sitting on my finger or a japanese green tea set to fancy my fingers and add some color! Very cute stuff.  Check it out.

Found Etsy Shop Review #1: Kawaiigoodies.com


I love etsy.  But the thing I hate about etsy is there is SO much to weed through.  Lots of great things, but also things that are not my taste.  I decided to start doing shop find posts since this is the only way that I can find anything I like on etsy — if i find a link from someone else’s blog.  Today, I want to share this find: kawaii goodies.  When I think of Kawaii, I think of the smiley faced random CUTE animals/objects.  But kawaii is also just anything cute.  and this etsy shop has a lot of cute packaging items, washi tapes, stickers, stamps etc. and all w/ very low, sometimes free shipping cost.  I love cute packaging.  There is something about a nicely packaged gift that makes me smile.  It shows care and attention.  Time and effort.  But also love and appreciation.  and best of all, it can make any cheap gift seem expensive. haha.  Everyone who will get a gift from me in the near future… expect pretty packaging that make u not want to open it 🙂

Check out some of the items I plan to buy eventually: