Potentially moving the blog: hello-bunnies.blogspot.com

I’ve recently been revamping this blog and attempting to establish it over the last few weeks by posting frequently.  It’s been so much fun! However, today, I got a bit frustrated with wordpress.

I started this blog primarily to try and connect with others who have the same interests, and therefore widgets like google friend connect, Facebook, or google+ would make it much more helpful to connect with this community.  Today when I was trying to add these widgets, I found that

1. google friend connect cannot be added to wordpress and

2. google+ was super difficult to figure out how to add on here.  I think there is a way, but it pretty much seemed impossible and I gave up.

So because I got frustrated, I decided to export the blog to blogger.  Most of the blogs that I have found to love are actually on blogger, with the exception of the few awesome wordpress blogs that I have found recently, and I think it might actually make it easier to stay connected.  It is also one step easier to comment on these blogs.

I will still be posting to this wordpress the same posts I post to my blogger for now to see which host site I like more, and then maybe closing one of them.  My main goal is to really connect with all of my readers and also those blogs that I do read.  So I will see which blog helps me to do that better in the next few weeks.

What do you all think?  do you think it makes a difference to be on blogger vs. wordpress?  Have any of you tried both?  Is one easier to stay connected with readers than another?

Anyhow, please come visit me at blogger:


It’s the same blog! But on blogger.   Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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