Washi Tape Bunny Book Ends

I was ecstatic to find out that the Ichiban Kan store opened the other day.  I could not resist walking in, telling myself that I would not buy anything.  Well, that’s pretty impossible, and I came out of the shop with a variety of things that I don’t necessarily need.  One of the items were these bunny book ends:

Aren’t they the cutest? Of course I had to get them!

So today, I was looking at them sitting on my shelf and thought, why don’t I add some color to them.  They’re a bit bland.  Here’s what I did:

Step one was adding a base.  I love prints, so I traced the silhouette onto a page out of a random book.  I pasted it onto the bunny book end.  The page was quite random, and now after reading it, it’s a bit provocative! Didn’t plan that one!

Step two was adding random washi tape into sort of a lattice pattern.  I had to remove and replace quite a few times since I’m the type of person who doesn’t have a clear cut vision right away.  Here’s the end result:

What about you all?  Do you tend to approach your projects with a clear vision in mind? Or do you do it like me with a lot of trial and error?  Perhaps something else? I’m always interested in learning about how other’s approach things.

Hope you all enjoy your day, bunnies!

8 thoughts on “Washi Tape Bunny Book Ends

    • Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind comments. I love your blog too! I will be following your updates for sure!

  1. Cute bunnies! What a fun way to tune them up in the colorzone 😀 So amazing!

    When it comes to project like that I just dive head first into it and then come up with either my bikini missing or an awesome pearl from the bottom of the sea (:

    • haha, indeed! Thanks for stopping by. Make sure to visit me at blogger! I’m gravitating towards officially moving there 🙂

      • I just started a blog on blogger, am very happy with it … only prob is I just can’t seem to reply to comments?!?! If you work it out please let me know … I’ll be following you over on blogger :o)

      • Oh no! That’s weird that you can’t reply to comments on your blogger. Mine has been working fine. I wonder what the issue is! Hopefully it will get worked out. Thanks so much for following my posts! I will be following yours too!!

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