RAK packages

It’s always nice to send packages, especially when they are random and for no real reason.  It reminds us of the special, regular moments in life.  I know for me, I always have as much fun, if not more, actually making things for other people versus getting things.

I decided that I’d randomly send a very close friend of mine a random package.  No, it’s not her birthday, nor is it some holiday.  Plus, the items in the package are completely random as well with no real theme or connection.  They’re just things I know she likes and enjoys in general. While it was random, little did I know that the day she receives the package is also the day she finds out she is to be promoted to manager at her company!  I was ecstatic to hear the news and happy there was something in her mail to congratulate her in some form.  Lesson learned, that random packages can sometimes also be a sent at a very opportune time as well.

Cheers to random packages sent through snail mail:

I’m not going to lie.  Part of the reason why I subscribed to birchbox is because of the boxes they come in.  Perfect size and shape for packages such as these.

Got these memo pads from Daiso.  They are the perfect size and shape.  Easy to decorate with washi tapes and random papers.

Time to put random items in package!  As you can see, I decorated the lid to cover the birchbox logo.  I absolutely loved this patterned paper I got from paper source and plan to make envelopes out of them.  Isn’t the pattern adorable?

Items inside: Bangles, Stila gold eyeliner (She is also a professional dancer, so I thought this would be fun for her shows!), an assortment of teas (she is also obsessed with tea just like me), and of course the hand decorated memo pad to fill with quotes and fun memories.  The graph paper inside can also be used for packaging!

Tie, package, and add a key.  Ready to mail!

I will definitely send more random packages to friends.  So fun to make!

8 thoughts on “RAK packages

  1. What a wonderful idea! Sending and receiving parcels is one of my favourite things too. Did you or do you plan to take part in Send Something Good?

    Love the sweet paper you found!

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