Winning Contests

A few weeks ago, I won a giveaway contest from conscious collection!  I was so happy and excited since I am the optimistic type and tend to enter contests whenever I see them – especially blog giveaway contests.  Today, I was excited to see that I received my package from conscious collection.  Her blog is filled w/ inspiration and crafting endeavors.  She also has an etsy shop w/ cute washi tape designs, zines, and other packaging items.  I love the designs in her shop, so make sure to stop by foraged and found by memtree.

I love getting packages in the mail and am in the process of doing swaps.  I just made a random package for a friend who will be getting it in the mail soon – I plan to blog about it after she receives it.  Here’s what I got from memtree from the giveaway:

I got zines, a cd, random paper ephemera, stickers, and a roll of washi tape.  I cannot wait to use these items for my packages – it was such a cute assortment!  I also enjoyed the zines – one of which contains random acts of kindness inspiration.  Love it, and feel like doing some random acts of kindness myself.  So thank you memtree for this lovely package!

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