Japanese Adventures

Yesterday, I made my way down to South Bay to see a friend.  We went to Strawberry Field plaza.  This plaza has been renovated since the last I’ve been – when I used to live in the san jose area.  I was happy to see the plaza growing with new businesses!  Saw and enjoyed a lot of the cute stuff and foods.  I got lots of inspiration from skimming through the craft and packaging books.  Here are a few finds:

Meiji Candy Box pencil case holder from Kinokuniya:  As you know, Meiji is one of my favorite Japanese snacks!


Of course, can’t go w/o a look at the new washi tape selection.  I particularly like the Eiffel tower pattern at the bottom left corner. Very cute.

My friend introduced me to mochi cream, which was absolutely delicious! I had the white chocolate mochi and it was so good – there were actual white chocolate pieces in the mochi.




Very nicely priced japanese food in the mitsuwa food court.  Only $6 for a curry and ramen set.


Stopped by the Clover cafe which had very unique desserts and buns.  They also sell Japanese pasta and hamburg on the menu.  Looked tasty!  We bought an okonomiyaki and yakisoba bun, which were both very good.


And of course, I can’t help but go crazy over cute pictures that remind me of my bunny.


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