Etsy Find #7 – Doble Ele

Hello Bunnies!  For my Etsy Find #7, I am posting about a recent washi tape purchase I made at Doble Ele.   I purchased the 5 random washi tape pack, 2 washi tapes in rainbow polka dots and starburst patterns, and 1 pack of bakers twine.  I bought all of this with a good cheer deal from oh, hello friend.  I just received the package yesterday, and I have to say I am quite pleased with what I received and how she handled her business transactions.  She was very quick about sending the items and although it came from Hong Kong, I received the items in a timely fashion because of her quick communication and fast shipping.

What I bought:


Decided to use the washi tapes on my container to see how they look.  Although they were random, I was happy with the patterns she sent me!


My Washi Tape/Packaging supply collection.  It’s growing slowly!


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