Happy Nisol Day!

The husband is working on a sci-fi fiction novel that is set in a dystopian world that is eerily familiar, resembling much of Japan.  I love the world (named Nisol, hence Nisol day!) and setting he created in his novel, that I was inspired to create a little goody box based on a scene in his book.  I made up a little holiday inspired by the holidays that were used in the book – white day, peppero day, etc.  This holiday is called “Nisol Day,” and on Nisol day, you give your loved one a box of treats, drink Ramune, eat a bowl of ramen, eat a crepe, and go to teppanyaki.  Well, you’d have to read the book in order to fully understand, so hopefully he can get it published some day!  For now, let’s just enjoy some cute packaging and kawaii snacks:




6 thoughts on “Happy Nisol Day!

    • Hi Memtree! I’m so excited!! I just send you a message via etsy. yay, can’t wait to receive the package!


  1. Oh, wow, how cool that your husband is writing a novel! The topic sounds interesting; I love Japan :). And your box is adorable!

    Happy midweek! ;D


    • Thanks! Yes, his book is fascinating, and hopefully one day it will be out and published. Happy midweek to you too!

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