They just recently opened a store called Typo at Stonestown in San Francisco.  Given my natural draw to stationary and office supplies, I was excited to see this store.  They have such cute notebooks, journals, office supplies, washi tapes, stamps, and stationaries.  I believe they are an Australian brand associated with another clothing store I like, called Cotton-On.  I am very appealed to the aesthetics of this store and wanted to buy everything!  Unfortunately, the stuff is on the pricier side.  A girl can still dream though!  Here’s a few items in the store I was drawn to:

Yes, this is definitely my store — They have a Bunny Kit!!! Now, what is a bunny kit???  I have no idea.  It was so cute though!  Look at my ecstatic expression.  I am a sucker for anything that has cute bunny and/or is bunny themed.


Artsy prints + disposable cameras.  Enjoyed the photographic, colorful prints on canvas.  The canvas gives it an artsy feel in spite of its mass production.  Love it!


Just a snippet of the many notebook and journal designs.  I would totally buy these if I was still in school.  Otherwise, I have no use for them really.


I am happy they opened this store at Stonestown.  I will make sure to pay a visit every time I make my way to that mall.  The mall now has two must go-to stops: Yesstyle + Typo ❤

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