DIY origami paper projects


I love origami papers.  I bought a few stacks from Daiso so that I could make some decorative items for the house.  The first is this origami paper lantern lights project.  I got the idea from my martha stewart craft book that a good friend of mine got me for my birthday.  Basically, you create the ‘water balloon’ out of the origami paper and then attach them to the bulbs of some christmas lights to create little lanterns. They’re so pretty and colorful. I had a fun time making them.  Check out this youtube video for a tutorial on how to make the water balloon origami:




The next project are these DIY candle holders.  I got the idea from my pinterest because a lot of people were posting projects of candle holders where they used random papers like pages from a book or a map to cover a mason jar.  Check it out here.

For mine, I used origami paper and punched cherry blossom shapes through the paper so that it would cast some light through the shape.  Very pretty effect:



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