LA Haul

So as you can see, I am catching up on my posts.  This should have been posted in July of 2011.  When I went to LA, I had this mission of finding all the stores where they sold cute things.  I would type kawaii or cute store or tokyo stores into my yelp app on my phone to try and see where to shop.  To my luck, I found quite a few stores that fit what I was looking for.  Here is a haul of stuff I bought when I was in LA.  Most of these items were purchased from a store called “Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle”  I was so excited to find this store because we didn’t have this in the bay area at the time.  Shortly after, I found out they opened a branch at Valley Fair in San Jose! Love the store… and here are some items I purchased:

Featured in the photo: Tea set, three mechanical pencils/pen, lead pencil holder, stamp that says good job w/ a cute bunny on it, mamegoma notebook, and Domo Kun planner.

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