Just joined a bunch of online communities

I’ve been meaning to post for a while. I guess I just haven’t really thought about what to post lately + been focusing on me and lisa’s new blog.. fish & bunny… which we will launch very soon! Once we get the blog design down, it’ll be up and going. Super excited about it!

In the mean time, I just joined and revived some of the communities/web social interaction spaces that I’m a part of. It’s been majorly fun and has been really making me think about how all of this is insane! Like seriously, we have access to TONS of information and the internet is definitely a powerful space to build a network, communicate with others, and learn about what’s going on in the world. This whole facebook phenomenon is still going strong, which is crazy to me just because I kept wondering when this thing will die down. But what I’ve been finding is that facebook, twitter, gmail etc, are like the standards.. you can join any other web community/blog community if you have one of these accounts without having to make a new one. They have options to have you login and see who’s on your contact lists in any one of these accounts who might also have an account w/ them.. and to also invite those who don’t. I’ve found TONS of people w/ very very interesting blogs that I’m following now.. Spend hours on end looking through them, seeing the world from my computer screen. I know the internet has been around for a long time, but it’s still crazy to me how many cool things are still popping up from it & that seem to be able to hold my attention. So here are the main things that I have online:


Some of these are active, some not… regardless, they’re all w/in my radar and I update them, use them, search through them, whatever –sporadically or on a frequent basis. Some things I just joined like pinterest, chictopia, etsy, and yelp.. I’ll make sure to link whatever to this blog as i begin to revive/grow all of my activity in these communities.

Also, this had me thinking about a million things the other night, which led me to come up w/ a lesson plan idea for my kiddies. I won’t share the lesson plan, but in thinking about all these communities, my blogs… i randomly was thinking about the “war on terrorism”.. haha, i know, really random huh? But why is it random? I think we all know the answer to that question — But in thinking about my grandma’s story about how she lived through WWII, and wondering about how the regular pple in the middle east and basically all over the world are living through such horrendous violence, it got me thinking about how come I don’t even really know what’s going on. We have the internet, SOMEONE in the world must be blogging about their daily encounters, rather than what the news pretty much just says, which is basically just a bunch of military jargon about how the war is “progressing” or i should say not progressing. What about the emotions, the things these people witness when they see bombs just randomly going off or hear guns shooting nearby?? What is the story from a regular civilians eyes? These are usually stories that we don’t hear about until AFTER the war or whatever it was has been long gone… through memoirs and diaries that are excavated and put out there by people after they had been killed by the violence. But now w/ the advent of technology, i feel like these stories have gotta be out there already. and i wonder if all the americans in the world heard these stories, if maybe they might hold a new perspective on the wars that are happening right now.

So I tried to look to see if I could find blogs about it, and I couldn’t really find anything.. am i just not searching smart enough? or does google have a role in trying to suppress these voices? maybe something else? I just remembered how when in Iran, the corrupt elections went on and twitter & facebook became a powerful forum for trying to disseminate this information since the government tried to turn off all these communication lines. Twitter & facebook was how I found out that michael jackson died. Twitter & facebook was how I was informed about the recent verdict regarding oscar grant. This blog, my facebook, twitter, my emails are all what’ll be what can tell part of my story… something to be left for the kids to know who I was. From the pictures, to these blog posts, to my tweets (i did a skim through of my tweets, and realized that it does reflect a part of my personality.. weird). But yeah, all of this really just got me thinking about how much this changes our society, the way history is told and documented, and the ways in which we can learn about what’s REALLY going on or at least to know what’s going on from varying perspectives. I’m not really sure what my point is to all of this, i just had a random brain fart… but yeah, all these web social spaces just got me thinking about random shit. lol. I am extremely curious and also feeling a mesh of excitement w/ a mix of apprehension about how much society will continue to change because of all this technology…


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