Valentines Day 2010

David and I haven’t really celebrated valentines in the past few years and well I’ve always been one who was bitter about this holiday… even when I had a special someone. But this year was different since we’re an old couple now and to go out of ur way to do sweet things requires a holiday i suppose… Anyway, here’s a recap of how we spent the day:

1: Boogie made breakfast in bed

From Valentines Day 2010

2: Lunch at the beach near our house

From Valentines Day 2010

3: Surf & turf Dinner. made by Boog

From Valentines Day 2010

4: Yin Yang Fondue Dessert

From Valentines Day 2010

We also stopped by chinatown for a bit in the early evening to checkout chinese new year festivities:

From Valentines Day 2010

Was a great Day… maybe we’ll have to try to be better about doing stuff like this even when it’s not valentines day.


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