Wedding stuff

David and I are DIYing the response cards and accomodation cards.  I’m still working on the accomodation cards and actually the response card you see here is just a rough draft.  The text is not in the proper color, the cutting is uneven, and it does not include all the info that actually goes on it.  hehe, but i thought i’d share anyway:

invitation 1


And……. yes we got married. 




I’m just kidding.. hehe. still have to wait till dec 19 to wear these unfortunately 😦

The rings came a few weeks ago and they’re so cool! We bought them from brilliant earth which ensures that it’s created w/ social responsibility.  These rings were made w/ recycled white gold. oh and in case u were wondering, the engagement ring is the same way!


2 thoughts on “Wedding stuff

  1. :::tearing up::: OMG i’m going to be sobbing in December >.< your make-up artist better know how to put on water proof make-up.

  2. I like the response & accommodation card! So pretty! Makes me think of Hawaii for some reason, lol.

    The rings are very pretty too!

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