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Somehow i developed a very curious interest in beauty/makeup/hair.  I don’t really wear makeup or do much to my hair, but i find the whole culture of it really interesting.  I love going to the drugstores or the cosmetics counters at department stores and just looking at all the products.  I force david to go to sephora w/ me every time we pass by one and I spend time just looking at all the products.  I’m far from being knowledgeable about what products are good, but I just think those stores look so pretty! I don’t know why.  I guess I have been successfully marketed to. haha.  Anyhow, I do sometimes get the urge to try out some fun looks w/ makeup and get a lot of great hair tips through these two makeup gurus on youtube:

Michelle Phan:


They’re both asian and make very good educational/mezmerizing videos that somehow just weild you in.  haha. i don’t know, maybe it’s just me who find these videos entertaining but they do have tons of subscribers afterall. hehe.  Go check them out when you are bored 🙂


3 thoughts on “beauty vlogs

  1. omg I was just looking at Michelle Phan’s videos a few days ago and realizing that it’s the same person you’re recommending. I looked at her Anime eyes makeup tips coz, well, I just finished watching an anime again, hung made me even after I gave up on it since I’m old now. haha

    I just wrote on Lisa’s blog toO and suddenly feeling like we need to catch up!! it’s my turn to write though… miss yah both!

  2. One thing about the makeup videos, sometimes, they look great in pictures or videos, but in real life, it’s too exaggerated… or maybe it just didn’t fit that person. lol.

  3. OOohh you guys should check out BE-U-tified on youtube, its run by james dubeq (one of the former dancers at ariel) he’s the one i was saying works on the set for 30 rock, etc. really awesome make-up tips.

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