thank you lisa!!

omg. lisa…. i just tried the google reader. AMAZING! i don’t know why i haven’t seen this before. so i thought i’d share it w/ the rest of the pple. altho maybe most pple already use it.  basically you can customize it so you can be updated on all the blogs you read all in one place.. also you can share stuff you find w/ other pple in on your google email list instantly.. and feed stuff from all your favorite sites. sorry i’m all excited now. i don’ thave to go to each site separately. i will just be updated whenever you all update! 😀


2 thoughts on “thank you lisa!!

  1. OHh! I LOVE reader ^_~ there’s so much info in the world that you can get off that thing, its insane. Glad you love it too, you should subscribe to the japanese ones, if you haven’t already. I get my daily dose of cuteness and ideas from it.

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