something I read from a friends blog

So a coworker of a friend of mine’s blogged about the shit that is known as “busy season.”  I found it really reflective of some of the exact sentiments I held when I used to work at the you know where.

Blood Financials

It’s that time of the year when across the country and large parts of the world, cheap labor is being exploited to pull from the depths of the earth evidence that public companies have presented fair and true financial statements. The auditors swarm in and are driven by unrelenting partners shouting “leverage!” Cheap labor coupled with high charge out rates and long, long hours with no overtime pay brings them their leverage. This is the world of Blood Financials. Those financial statements in your briefcase, where they signed off by child labor auditors? Are you in possession of Blood Financials?

These partners are not going to use the money they make to support a civil war, no it is far worse. Their profits are used to make the payments on the Bentley, the house they can’t really afford and private school fees. And after the cheap labor had worked their 80 hours a week and given up their lives in the name of accurate financial statements, what reward do they get? The reward for providing confidence in the world’s financial markets? In honor of all your hard work, dedication, loss of your family and friends, and living for the cause, the partners would like to present you with this token of their appreciation…a pink slip. You can now go forth feeling happy to have your first job loss on your resume.


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