omg. i am way too sappy

So, I was looking at potential wedding songs. u know the ones they play for when everyone walks down the aisle.. and i found this!! Dude, i remember hearing this on an asian drama, and I so want to have this song for the opening of the ceremony. aghh!! I am teary when i listen to it. LOL. it’s the stupid period. or maybe i am just too sappy!! EEE excited!!

anyway, i know the song is pretty traditional. who knows it’ might change. but for now, let’s just sap over this shall we? haha 


Lastly, so it’s been confirmed. we’re in the process of putting our deposit in and signing the contract. Maggiano is it! After consulting numerous pple…..the wedding is now at 12:30-1:30pm and reception at 3-6. soooo, make sure to eat breakfast guys!! no food till 3 🙂


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