Wedding update

So not sure if you caught it in my previous video, but we’re facing an issue with maggiano.  Just as I was finally going to reserve the place and settle this business once and for all, a new issue popped up.  Basically the timeslot after our wedding is 11 to 2pm… which means since our wedding is from 10 to 11, we will probably only have a two hour reception if you consider the time it takes to get there and take pictures after the wedding.  So the only other option if we stick with maggiano is to basically have the wedding in the morning and then tell pple to go home until the reception at 7pm… which is kind of undesirable.  Plus given that we would have to basically pay more for the dinner menu, we may not include an hour of open alcohol… which apparently is tacky according to wedding magazines.   So, now there are two major downsides to this option. And we cant really move the ceremony time up because the church times have already been booked. 10am and 1230 pm were the only open slots for that day.  HELP!!??  what do you guys think about these issues?  You think pple will have a major problem w this? haha.  Well now I am looking into other options yet again.  *sigh* Opinions will be GREATLY appreciated!! 😀

Other than that, we got ourselves a priest! Fr. Tollini.  Dunno if you know him  but we have heard really good things abt him so we are excited.

Also, we have officially changed our honeymoon destination from Paris to Tokyo. Lol.  After my recent trip to Asia I have fallen in LOVE w the continent so I must absolutely go back there SOON.  hehe, we may even make a pitstop in the philippines while  we are at it.  I just love the country 🙂

Ok well I still have m0re updating to do but must return to my schoool work.  man it is only the first week and I am swamped!


3 thoughts on “Wedding update

  1. if anything that was how diane’s wedding was. Wedding at noon and reception at night. It’s a bit unconventional but hey it’s your day everyone will still go.. Although it will be more expensive so think about that. Why in the world won’t they extend the reception to another hour.. is there really no way they’d budge? haha

    lisa, where are u! u’r not posting or on aim.. =(

    nothing much to post on my side. I’m studying like Freya!


  2. glad we got to catch up tonight about your wedding plans and figure out a solution for your reception!

    haha, i know fr. tollini! he was one of my professors, he’s very friendly and animated 😉

    looking forward to more wedding updates…

  3. Wow, that is a problem and a hard one too. If you hold a reception at night, wouldn’t you run into the risk of people not showing up? Might be a good thing though. ^_^

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